SV is known as Sheel Vision Sdn. Bhd. SV has been established since 1999, is a service based consultancy firm that provides debt collection services and help organization in the task of recovering default payments. Our staff are profesionally trained to collect ethically and with integrity- “no collection is worth the reputational risk for our client”. Our advantage is our fully digitalised recovery systems, CCTV, voice recorders and security system to ensure your Data and customers are safe with us while strictly abiding with the Malaysia Personal Data Protection laws.

Malaysia Debt Problem

  • As the domestic economy shows signs of strains, the risk for household debt has increased to 87% in 2019
  • With the COVID 19 pandemic things are worst, (BNM Malaysia 2020)
  • Many individuals & businesses in Malaysia have been and will be severely affected, resulting in individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships and companies being unable to meet their debts. On the other hand, many are facing debt recovery issues as debtors will delay outstanding payment due to the economic effects of the pandemic.
  • As a creditor, we can help you to recover a debt from your debtors in the event they refuse or fail to pay their debts.